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Posted By on Aug 22, 2015

When driving across the country there’s always that romantic notion of taking roads less travelled, hitting out of the way places and meeting the folks behind those spots. I am the child of such wanderers, having visited places like the Indiana covered bridge festival, a West Virginia rattlesnake pit, and the now defunct Elvis Is Still Alive Museum. There’s a challenge, however, when you’re in a 26-foot long truck, towing a car, and...

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My wife, kids and I are preparing to move across the country in just 10 days. This is our 2nd cross-country move in the past year, and a fuller recounting of events is included below for anyone who wants to read more. But the thing that’s particularly special about this is that our move is being supported by some fine folks at Penske Truck Rental. And when I say that Penske is supporting our move, I mean that they are graciously...

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