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In The Tank For Education Episode #1: Librarians, Ninjas and Comic-Con

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In The Tank For Education Episode #1: Librarians, Ninjas and Comic-Con

Welcome to the In The Tank For Education podcast! This is a new series where we’ll be talking with some of the most inspiring and insightful people in education. We’ll be asking about the ever-changing world of developing people into learners and critical thinkers, as well as asking our guests to help us decode and break down the alphabet farm of acronyms and edu-speak that can come with the territory. Our first episode features a conversation with Anthony Devine, a teacher-librarian at El Cajon Valley High School in El Cajon, CA....

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In The Tank #9: Danny Nicoletto. Road Manager. Pasta Guru.

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I’m not sure when it was I first met Danny Nicoletto. His brother-in-law is a dear friend of mine, and I think I first encountered Danny through the music of his old band. He grew up in the town where I went to college, Valparaiso, Indiana, and eventually moved to Nashville where his sister and brother-in-law lived, and was pursuing music. Along the way Danny learned the ropes of a good road crew person by roadie-ing, serving as a guitar tech, and also road managing artists and tours. It’s a life that has morphed from the...

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In The Tank #8: Slim Moon

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Slim Moon is an influential name in the world of independent music. The label he founded, Kill Rock Stars, has worked with ground-breaking artists such as The Decemberists, Bikini Kill, Sleater-Kinney, Unwound, and the late Elliot Smith.  I remember seeing Slim speak on a panel at the CMJ (College Music Journal) Convention in the mid-’90s as the alternative / indie boom was happening. He was resolute in his conviction of maintaining the label’s status as an independent entity, even as others around him were being gobbled up in...

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In The Tank #7: Jeff Brown; Read To Lead Podcast

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Jeff Brown’s Read To Lead podcast has become one of the top sources for people interested in leadership, personal and professional development, and a way to get a peek inside the minds of some of today’s top business and innovation thinkers. With guests including Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, Gary Vaynerchuk, Chris Brogan and Liz Wiseman, Read To Lead presents world-class guests as they share insight from their work and exploration. I’ve known Jeff to varying degrees for at least a decade and a half, including his work as a nationally syndicated...

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In The Tank #6: Brian Bird, Screenwriter

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  Brian Bird is a veteran screenwriter and producer for TV and film, having a 30-year career that spans from hit TV shows like Step By Step and Touched by an Angel, to the feature film Captive, a hostage drama, which opens today, September 18th. We’ve long been interested in the art and craft of story telling, and how story helps to give context to the human experience. So when we had a chance to connect with someone whose entire career has been about crafting and shaping stories, we jumped at the chance. A little bit about...

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In The Tank #5: with Mike Dungan

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Mike Dungan; Chairman/CEO Universal Music Group Nashville Mike Dungan leads the most successful country music record label in the world at Universal Music Group-Nashville. He came there a couple years ago after having led Capitol Records-Nashville to its position as an industry leader. Prior to that, Mike was the head of Sales at Arista-Nashville, which is where I met him when I worked for a label acquired by Artista. At that time, Arista was the leading country label in the world and so success seems to have followed Mike wherever he’s been....

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In The Tank #4: Mark Montgomery

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Mark Montgomery is someone I always pay attention to. Mostly it’s because he’s ridiculously smart, laser-focused in his observations and commentary, and has a track record of doing cool, successful things his own way. It’s also because I’m never sure quite what’s going to come out of his mouth, and I like the feeling of being at the top of a roller coaster that’s about to drop, which is how I often feel when I prep for Marko to answer a question. Mark is the founder of FLO|CO, a group of companies doing cool, innovative things. After...

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In The Tank #3: Matt D’Arrigo

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Matt D’Arrigo is Founder and CEO of ARTS (A Reason To Survive), a nationally recognized organization from San Diego that believes in the power of the arts and creativity to transform lives. I met Matt several years ago through our mutual friend who was helping to mentor a young person involved in ARTS. I learned about the amazing studio center and programming that ARTS had developed for youth across San Diego County, and specifically for youth in need of a transformative outlet for their creativity. ARTS is a place that helps young people...

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In The Tank #2: Kenny Greenberg

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Kenny Greenberg is one of the most heard, yet possibly unrecognized guitarists working today, unless you’ve seen him play, in which case you’ll never forget him. As one of the top session guitarists in Nashville, Kenny has appeared on hundreds of recording by musicians of all genres, including artists such as Taylor Swift, Indigo Girls, Willie Nelson, Etta James and scores more. He can also be seen on the road on rare occasions playing with global stars like Kenny Chesney and Faith Hill. If you’re in Nashville you’re more than likely to see...

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In The Tank #1: Jacob Slichter

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Jacob Slichter is a musician, author, and teacher. He was a member of the multi-platinum band Semisonic, whose global hit “Closing Time” can still be heard pretty much everywhere, especially at bars or when a baseball team’s closer comes in to wrap up a game (not nearly enough for this Cubs fan). I first encountered Jacob’s writing in his fantastic book, So You Wanna Be A Rock & Roll Star: How I Machine-Gunned a Roomful of Record Executives and Other True Tales from a Drummer’s Life. It may be the finest book I’ve read about an artist’s...

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